• Original Bar Soap


The original classic ivory bar soap, trusted for generations.

Famed for its classic, luxury fragrance, Imperial Leather Original bar soap wraps you in a rich, creamy lather, cleaning and caring for all the family. The Original bar soap that's long lasting, trusted by generation after generation.

For every pack you buy, we promise to donate to the Seashell Trust, buying new multi-sensory rooms for children and young people with learning difficulties.


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Customer Reviews

18 reviews
    • Beautiful Soap
      I use the original imperial leather soap every day as I Iove the smell, feel and texture. The lather is beautiful and creamy leaving my skin soft and smooth. It reminds me of my Nan who always used IL soap. It's a true classic. I also love the original talc.
    • Less plastic please
      We really like this soap. Smells nice and lasts long. But we think you could definitely do away with the plastic that individually wraps each bar. Also, you could use more eco friendly packaging.
    • Luxury at its best
      I don't use a lot of soap due to my extremely dry skin. But however I love the Imperial Leather 'Original'. I would describe it as a 'Luxurious beauty soap' with the most '
      Beautiful smell' I buy the 4 pack and put them in a bowl and it scents my bathroom throughout!
    • Imperial leather - best soap ever
      I have been using imperial leather since i was 15 and had acne. It was the only soap that didnt irritate my skin. Now i am nearly 60 and still use it. It is the nicest, best smelling soap ever and gentle on sensitive skin. Like all the other reviews i can no longer find the large bath size bars.
    • Love this soap
      This is the only soap for me! I absolutely love it, hands shouldn't be washed with anything else . . .

      Agree with the crowd, bring back the larger bars please.
    • Great - have used it forever.....
      Love the 'original bar soap' and have been using it since I was small, but please tell me where are the big sizes available - I never seem to be able to find them?
    • love it
      I have always used imperial leather soap, but I can't find any of the bath size anymore. The biggest I can find is 100g. Please can you let me know where I can buy the bath size?
    • This is a great bar of soap
      I have always been able to use Imperial Leather '|Original' only, without any skin , or breathing reaction, being intolerant of all others to date..Each of us is different.I have tried many other kinds ,& this 'Original' is the only one left.Please do not change(or improve) this product . Always making it impossible for me to use again, from experience.Useful for washing clothes needing a gentle soap,eg. waterproof ,breathable rain wear, often needs soap not detergent..The instructions to use only SOAP not easily found .This is fine for laundry hand washing & de-spotting,before washing in a machine,& hand washing. As a harder soap,it does not disappear,& keeps it's shape well.A great product .
    • love it
      Always when my mother in law goes to Scotland I ask her if she will take a few pieces of imperial leather soap back to holland for me.
      it smells so nice.
      pity that it is not for sale in the Netherlands
    • Family tradition
      My grandfather used this, my father used this and now as a twenty-something man I am using this. The best choice you can make when it comes to soap.
    • The best soap I've ever used
      I've been using this for as long as I can remember; my mom always bought it and, years down the line, it's still the only one for me.
      Sam T
    • sizedoesmatter
      We have been using Imperial leather for years very happily but have noticed how the bars have shrunk.Where has the big bath size gone.?I have been on a large leather hunt for months now someone please help me out.CC
    • Imperial leather original
      Fantastic smell & lather - but where can I get the original size bars? The 100gm are a waste of time and totally useless in the shower or bath - they don't last!
    • The Bar that changed
      For over thirty years we have used Imperial Leather. Up to about six years ago we used both the 'regular' sized bar and the larger 'family' size bar. Then the larger bar disappeared from shelves and we have not seen it since. Now, within the last year, the 'regular', or bath sized bar has frequently shown signs of cracking down the length of the bar after it has been about 20% used. So, what has changed in either the materials used or the manufacturing processes ? The lather produced is still the same, but a disintegrating bar is not good !
    • Where are the bath size bars
      Used it for years & my parents before me. But we can't find the bath size tablets any more.
    • Original 200 gram Bar Soap
      Probably the best soap in the world, I have used it for over fifty years!!!
      But why oh why have you stopped making the Bath Size, the small bars are difficult for us oldies to grasp in the shower and its a problem bending in a tight space to pick them up. Please start making them again.
    • Wow this is great
      This is real soap
    • Cussons Forever!
      I first encountered Imperial Leather in 1979 at the Hong Kong Hilton (sadly no longer there). I had just arrived from a rather arduous trip from Iran - having been kicked out the day after the Shah departed. I caught the first flight out of Tehran and worked my way to my next post Seoul via Istanbul, New Delhi, and Karachi. I stopped in Hong Kong to obtain a Korean visa and decided I'd earned a couple of hassle free days. Once in my room at the Hilton, taking delivery of a small bottle of Famous Grouse (courtesy of the management in lieu of the traditional pot of tea) I drew a hot, hot bath and discovered a bar of Cussons awaiting me. The rest is history, A hot bath, with Grouse and Soda (no ice) lathered up with Cussons, looking out at Victoria in the Hong Kong night. What more could a weary traveler ask!