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  1. 1700
    • The story of Imperial Leather
      In the 1700s Bayleys of Bond Street were challenged by Count Orlof to create a perfume which embodied the distinctive aroma of the Russian court and as a result they developed the scent of Imperial Leather.
  2. 1930
    • Imperial Russian Leather
      Cussons conceived the idea of launching a soap called "Imperial Russian Leather", reminiscent of the Russian Court.
  3. 1940
    • Soap was heavily rationed in Britain
      Soap was heavily rationed in Britain, so Imperial Leather was marketed as being best choice because it lasted longer than other brands. The world's tallest man at the time was a fan. Well, when you're 8' 11" tall you can spend a fortune on soap.
  4. 1950
    • Coining of the phrase "Soaps"
      Imperial Leather was one of the first brands to invest in TV advertising, in between episodes of popular drama. It was this investment that led to the coining of the phrase 'Soaps' in relation to such shows in the UK.
  5. 1960
    • Expansion of production continues
      Expansion of production continues, with the addition of manufacturing sites and investment in Manchester and Nottingham. The 1960s was obviously the golden era for English football with the national team beating West Germany 4 - 2 in extra time in the 1966 World Cup Final. Could that Russian linesman have been a member of Count Orlof's family?
  6. 1970
    • Imperial Leather Adverts in the UK
      The 70s saw the launch of the famous "triple bath" TV ads featuring a wealthy mother, father and daughter enjoying luxury bathing sessions each in a bath of their own. Various ads were produced on the same theme with the family in a plane, on a train and in their luxurious pad with their butler.
  7. 1990
    • Foamburst is Launched
      This year saw the launch of the innovative 'Foamburst', the first shower gel in a can that transforms into a rich lather, leaving skin so silky and smooth that people want to show it off. It's no coincidence that this was the same year David Beckham was seen in a sarong.
  8. 2000
    • Imperial Leather sponsors the Commonwealth Games
      The Commonwealth fun and games came to Manchester and as part of their continued commitment to the region, Imperial Leather was proud to sponsor them. Jonathan Edwards certainly had fun and games becoming the best in the world at hopping, skipping and jumping.
    • £26million Innovation Centre in Manchester
      Imperial Leather shows no signs of slowing down with the launch of a £26million innovation centre in Manchester, showing the brand's continued commitment to local industry and developing even better washing and bathing products.
  9. 2010
    • 2013 and onwards
      Imperial Leather has a massive global reach and is sold in over 50 countries around the world. From the idyllic beaches of the Maldives to the upper reaches of northern Finland in the Arctic Circle, Imperial Leather will be keeping the planet fresh for decades to come.

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